domingo, 23 de julio de 2017

Symposium and lecture in Reykjavík in September "Art and Culture as Therapy

Symposium and lecture to celebrate the publication of the book
Art and Culture as Therapy:
Icelandic Museums and Alzheimer

Lecture 19th September 2017 in Salurinn Kópavogur at kl. 20:00
Francesca Rosenberg Director of Community, Access and School Programs at The Museum of Modern Art, New York  gives a lecture on their program ‘Meet me at MoMA’
Symposium 20 September 2017 from 13:00 – 17:00
Reykjavík town hall, Tjarnarsalur from 13:00-15:00 and National Gallery of Iceland from 15:00-17:00.
• Francesca Rosenberg, Director of Community, Access and School Programs at MoMA, New York
• Jón Snædal, Director of the Dementia Unit, National Hospital Iceland.
• Carmen Antúnez Almagro, Director at the Dementia Unit, Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca in Murcia Spain
• Javier Sánchez Merina, professor at the Architecture School, University of Alicante.
• Sigurjón Baldur Hafsteinsson, professor of Museum Studies, University of Iceland.
• Halldóra Arnardóttir, PhD Art Historian and co-director of the project and, the editor of the book.

At the National Gallery we will work directly with "ways of  seeing" through the arts, literature, architecture and music.

Reserve the days, we look forward to seeing you !


viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2016

Carmen Antúnez Almagro flytur erindið 'Listir og Alzheimer: nauðsynleg tenging'

Í dag flytur Carmen Antúnez, forstöðumaður Minnismóttöku Arrixaca sjúkrahússins í Murcia og meðstjórnandi verkefnisins Listir og menning sem meðferð fyrirlesturinn 'Listir og Alzheimer: nauðsynleg tenging' í Dénia á Spáni. Um er að ræða þriðju alþjóðlegu ráðstefnunni sem heilbrigðissvið Dénia skipuleggur tileinkuð listum og heilsu.
Sá sem stýrir málstofunni er Prof. Manuel Belver við Fagurlistadeild Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

(Dentro de los Retos Sociales de Salud y cambio demográfico, encuadrados en la línea Envejecimiento saludable del Horizonte 2020)

Dr. Manuel Belver. Catedrático en la Facultad de Bellas Artes. Departamento de didáctica de la Expresión Plástica. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Dra. Carmen Antúnez Almagro. directora de la unidad de demencias del hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca de Murcia. Directora del proyecto para enfermos de Alzheimer en colaboración con el Museo de Bellas Artes de Murcia.
Dra. Ana Mª Ullán. Profesora del Psicología Social de la Universidad de Salamanca. Codirectora del Proyecto Curarte, departamento de Psicología Social y Antropología, Universidad de Salamanca.
D. Iván Moratilla. Responsable del programa “El Prado para todos”.
Dra. Carrie McGee. Assistant Director. Community and Access Programs. The Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Frekari upplýsingar um ráðstefnuna má finna hér:
Ráðstefna um Listir og Heilsu í Dénia á Spáni

lunes, 18 de julio de 2016

Art and Culture in the Valencia press

Last Saturday, 9th of July, Art and Culture as Therapy appeared in the newspaper, Las Provincias, where the article celebrates the role of the actor as a fundamental part in society. We agree wholeheartedly. The artist knows techniques how to reach the interior of the person, call upon their emotions and pull out reactions. Evoke emotional memory.

What is an actor useful for?

martes, 29 de abril de 2014

Emotions in Silence presented by Creative district/DIP in Murcia: Thursday of design

Three documentals will be shown on the 1 of May, at 19:45, , all made in Murcia:
"Emotions in silence", "Minera" and "En fin...".
Place: Sala B de la Filmoteca Regional de Murcia.
Free entry and everyone is welcome.
For the ninth ‘Thursday of Design’, the Creative District in Murcia offers three short films, after having debated different issues of design and communication in previous sessions. These are:
"Emotions in silence. Art and Culture as therapy against Alzheimer’s" (12:00 min). Pablo Serrano and Halldóra Arnardóttir, for Hospital Universitario de La Arrixaca.
"Minera" (8:14 min). Jorge Martínez and Germinal, for the Festival de Cante de las Minas.
"En fin..."(23:19 min). Javier Codesal and Julia Sieiro, for XL Internet and the Health Service in Murcia.
They have three things in common: aim to make society more conscious, count with an artist in the team, which reflects a great commitment to reality and ways of communication, and they are all works produced in Murcia.
This program takes place in the Filmoteca Regional de Murcia and counts with the presence of Pablo Serrano and Halldóra Arnardóttir, Jorge Martínez and Teresa Jular — who will introduce the films briefly and respond to questions of the audience.

martes, 8 de abril de 2014

MuBAM Alzheimer Project in a Symposium on Education organized by AFADE, Alcantarilla

This year, the Association of Families of Alzheimer Patients and other Dementia (AFADE) in Alcantarilla focuses its Symposium for Families and Volunteers on new therapies for the treatment of the Alzheimer Disease.
The MuBAM Alzheimer Project forms part of this program with a lecture on Wednesday 9th of April 2014 from 5-6 pm.

For further information see program below and AFADE‘s webpage:

sábado, 7 de diciembre de 2013

Seminar: "Art and Culture as Therapy: Narrating Memories", organized by Creative Life Centre in St. James and NCAD, Dublin.

The network of Art and Culture as Therapy for Alzheimer’s has formed a new bud; this time formed in Dublin in Ireland. 
The project will be presented to the personal of Create Life Centre in St. James and National College of Art and Design (NCAD) on the 12th of December 2013 in a seminar at 3:30 pm. 

miércoles, 4 de septiembre de 2013

Conference in New York, "Art and Culture against Alzheimer", NY Langone Medical Center, 25/09/2013

The project, Art and Culture as Therapy for Alzheimer's returns to New York. This time as the"key  note speaker" in the Spanish seminar, ALZHEIMER'S CARE IN THE LATINO COMMUNITY.
The congress is organized by one of the best hospitals in America, NYU Langone Medical Center, which is known for its ambitious research programs.  

lunes, 12 de agosto de 2013

Exhibition and Publication of the book: “Narrating Memories with Þórarni Eldjárn” in Reykjavík 19/09/2013

Exhibition at the National Libary of Iceland in Reykjavík

Opening of the exhibition and presentation of the book: Narrating memories with Þórarinn Eldjárn: 19th of september 2013 at 3-5 pm.

Ligth ale, kleinur and ástarpungar will be offered during the opening.

Exhibition: 19th of september to 3rd of October.

Opening time: monday-thursday 8:15 am-10 pm; Fridays 8:15am-7 pm; saturdays 10 am-5 pm; sundays 11 am-5 pm.

The exhibition “Narrating memories with Þórarni Eldjárn” shows the initial results of the first workshop in Iceland within project Art and Culture as Therapy for Alzheimer’s disease. This research focuses on non-pharmacological therapies for the Alzheimer’s disease and originates from the Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca in Murcia, Spain.
The Art and Culture as Therapy for Alzheimer’s disease: “Narrating memories with Þórarinn Eldjárn” was organized by the Association of families of Alzheimer’s patients and related diseases (FAAS) and the Dementia Unit at the National Hospital of Iceland. The workshop took place at the National Library of Iceland and enjoyed the collaboration of the well-known author, Þórarinn Eldjárn and 14 students from the Drawing Department at The Reykjavík School of Visual Arts.
Among the objectives of this collaboration is to open up the debate on Alzheimer’s disease and find out how narrating memories can join the scientific investigation and qualitative evaluation.
For further information about the workshop see: 

Frásagnir minninganna

martes, 9 de abril de 2013

From a little bud to a complex network of connections.

As we have insisted in our lectures, to work in a NETWORK is fundamental for the expansion of the research on Alzheimer’s and the aim to obtain results.
The project, Art and Culture as Therapy, started as a bud, eager to sprout, grow and create bridges and new and unexpected connections. This has been the life journey of the project, full of positive stimulus from all those who make up our network.

miércoles, 3 de abril de 2013

Murcia Tart with Paco Torreblanca travels to MoMA in New York

The research project, Art and Culture as Therapy against Alzheimers, returns to New York to take part in Practice & Progress: The MoMA Alzheimer’s Project Exchange, held at the Museum of Modern Art on April 15-16, 2013. This time our presentation includes the multi-sensorial project, Murcia Tart with Paco Torreblanca.

Other presenters on this topic include Lena Nordby of the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology in Oslo, Norway; Yoko Hayashi of Arts Alive in Tokyo, Japan; Dawn Koceja of the Milwaukee Public Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Jessica Sack of the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut; and a MoMA staff member.

Practice & Progress: The MoMA Alzheimer’s Project Exchange is an annual forum organized by MoMA and focuses on generating opportunities to think broadly and imaginatively about innovation in program content and delivery, and also to reflect specifically on program logistics, planning, and organization.

The two-day program will consist of panel discussions, experiential workshops in the Museum's galleries and studios, and smaller break-out sessions, and will cover such topics as interdisciplinary strategies for teaching with objects, innovative partnership models, and programmatic sustainability, among others. The aim is to provide numerous examples of ways of working with individuals with dementia that spawn meaningful interactions between individuals, art, ideas, and spaces so that participants can reflect.